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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Hindu vocabulary 2020

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Important For All Competitive Exams 26 February 2020

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary,The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Important for Bank SSC Insurance & Other Exams
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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary on a regular schedule to upgrade vocab power and causes you in your readiness for Govt work

1. VAGARY (NOUN): (मौज): usually a light hearted adventure
Synonyms: mischief, escapade
Antonyms: seriousness, gravity
Example Sentence:The little vagary at the club earned him 6 months imprisonment.
2. COMPLICIT (ADJECTIVE): (मिलीभगत): associated with unethical activity
Synonyms: conniving, deceitful
Antonyms: forthright, naïve
Example Sentence:The complicit men committed the crime.
3. WAYLAY (VERB): (घात में बैठना): ambush
Synonym: ambuscade, accost
Antonym: allow, forward
Example Sentence:He waylaid the terrorists and killed them all.
4. ADVERSARY (NOUN): (प्रतिवादी): opponent
Synonyms: antagonist, rival
Antonyms: ally, helpmate
Example sentence:He was an adversary.
5. ADDUCE (VERB): (उल्लेख करना : cite as evidence.:
Synonyms: affirm, prove
Antonyms: obscure, hide
Example Sentence:Since the lawyer couldn’t adduce his point, the judge didn’t believe his hypothesis.
6. MOOT (ADJECTIVE): (विवादास्पद): doubtful
Synonyms: controversial, dubious
Antonyms: certain, definite
Example Sentence:Peter’s case accusations over the property were considered moot.
7. LAIR (NOUN): (गुफा): cave
Synonyms: habitat, hideaway
Antonyms: unveil, display
Example Sentence:A huge polar bear slumbered peacefully in its lair.
8. GAOL (VERB): (बन्दी करना): imprison
Synonyms: jail, confine
Antonyms: free, emancipate
Example Sentence:The place where criminals were gaoled, now contains a huge restaurant in it.
9. PANTHEIST (NOUN): (सर्वेश्वरवादी): person who does not believe in an orthodox religion
Synonyms: agnostic, atheist
Antonyms: believer, follower
Example Sentence:He has been a pantheist fellow since college days.
10. IMITATE (VERB): (अनुकरण करना): copy
Synonyms: emulate, mimic
Antonyms: differ, oppose
Example Sentence:The kids imitated him very nicely.

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